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    "Technology is best when it brings people together" - Matt Mullenweg

    about us

    Our Purpose

    We want to provide free educational resources for girls and students around the world so they can get involved in the field of Quantum Computing. We want to bring them the opportunities they need to collaborate and, thus, make an impact by strengthening their abilities and talents.

    Elisa Torres Durney

    Founder & CEO
    about us

    What We Do


    We want to inspire and empower girls all across the world by teaching them how quantum technology can be used to solve global issues and introducing them to professionals in the field.


    We want to build a network of girls who can bring different ideas, perspectives, and insights to the table. As a result, girls can contribute in their unique way.


    We want to collaborate with different organizations and companies to provide students a variety of resources and opportunities.

    More than 1500 students learning with us
    from 21 countries

    +1500 students

    Our Team

    Elisa Torres
    Founder, Chile

    Sabina Sokol
    Ambassador, USA

    Gehad Salem
    Ambassador, Egypt

    Rohini Venugopal
    Ambassador, India

    Sophia Gürtler
    Ambassador, Germany

    Maruca Cantu Ambassador, Mexico

    Diya Nair, Ambassador, UK

    Maria Delgado, Ambassador, Spain

    Cristobal Iglesias
    Chile's team

    Calista Besseling, Ambassador, Canada

    Nikhil Nair, US team

    Areeba Arbab
    Ambassador, Pakistan

    Some languages our posts are translated to:

    Inglés, ஆங்கிலம்

    Spanish, ஸ்பானிஷ்

    Tamil, Támil

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