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"Technology is best when it brings people together" - Matt Mullenweg

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Our Purpose

We want to provide free educational resources for girls and students around the world so they can get involved in the field of Quantum Computing. We want to bring them the opportunities they need to collaborate and, thus, make an impact by strengthening their abilities and talents.

Elisa Torres Durney

Co-Founder & CEO
about us

What We Do


We want to inspire and empower girls all across the world by teaching them how quantum technology can be used to solve global issues and introducing them to professionals in the field.


We want to build a network of girls who can bring different ideas, perspectives, and insights to the table. As a result, girls can contribute in their unique way.


We want to collaborate with different organizations and companies to provide students a variety of resources and opportunities.

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Elisa Torres
Co-founder & CEO, Chile

Sabina Sokol
Co-founder & COO USA

Gehad Salem
Ambassador, Egypt

Rohini Venugopal
Ambassador, India

Sophia Gürtler
Ambassador, Germany

Maruca Cantu Ambassador, Mexico

Diya Nair, Ambassador, UK

Maria Delgado, Ambassador, Spain

Cristobal Iglesias
Chile's team

Calista Besseling, Ambassador, Canada

Nikhil Nair, US team

Areeba Arbab
Ambassador, Pakistan

Taymaa Aldahmani, Ambassador, Libya

Rani Aher, Chapter lead in Pune, India

Aziz Chebil, Ambassador Tunisia

Sai Ganesh Manda, India's Team

Nidhi S. Chickerur, India's Team

Daniel Honciuc, Ambassador, Ecuador

Avimita Chatterjee, US team

Fatima Moizuddin, UAE ambassador

Amyra Roberts-Prayoga Australia Ambassador

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📚 Andreea Lefterovici
Quantum Algorithm Design, Theoretical Physics

Andreea is a dedicated doctoral candidate at Leibniz Universität Hannover, specialising in quantum algorithm design for combinatorial optimisation problems. With dual MSc degrees in Physics from Universität Bonn and the University of Bucharest, Andreea`s academic prowess extends to theoretical physics and mathematics.

🌐 Victoria Hazoglou
Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Machine Learning

Victoria Hazoglou, with a background in Quantum Chemistry and Machine Learning, brings her expertise to Accenture. She holds Master`s degrees from Florida State University and the University of Arizona, specialising in Quantum Information Science & Engineering. Victoria is also an IBM Certified Associate Developer in Quantum Computation using Qiskit.

🔬 Juweria Sayed
Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Error Correction, Quantum Sensing

Juweria Sayed, a physics graduate from the University of Mumbai, is a passionate advocate for quantum science. She has contributed to diverse quantum research programmes, including impactful projects like unraveling gender diversity in quantum science and building custom noise models at QuantumAI. Currently, Juweria inspires as a content creator at QuantumGrad, focusing on Quantum Key Distribution, QEC, and Quantum Sensing.

More than 300 applications from 50+ countries to the Introduction to the Quantum Research for Girls programme lead by Girls in Quantum and PhysicsBeyond!!! We are chuffed about the overwhelming interest in our programme! Thanks to all the applicants! 🚀 🤩

The team from Girls in Quantum and PhysicsBeyond has been working very hard behind the scenes during the last two days to go through ALL the applications and carefully select the top 100 applicants for the next application round. 💪 Congratulations to all who have been selected! 🎉👏 🥳

Applicants who were close calls have been waitlisted. Some of them impressed us so much with their follow up submission already, that we had them join the second round! Well done and keep it up! Nothing has been decided yet! 💫

2nd rounders and waitlisted applicants should have all received an email from us! 📧 Please follow the instructions in those emails 👉carefully 👈 to secure your spot in our programme! We are eager for your submissions! 🤩

You didn’t get an email yet? 🤔 Then please check your spam! Sadly, some emails returned to us as we were not given the right email address. We are sorry that we have no means of contacting you. Also, we had a bit of trouble with our email system in the last batch of emails… Sorry, if you haven’t received an email from us yet. We hope to get all email notifications out by Friday. 🛠️

Please keep learning and developing your knowledge and skills in Linear Algebra, Quantum Computing and Quantum Physics. The World needs dedicated students like you! 💪

No te lo pierdas!! Si quieres aprender de computación cuántica, súmate a la masterclass que realizaremos en la universidad Mayor junto a Girl Up y grandes mujeres en STEM.

¿Quieres saber si puedes participar? Revisa nuestra historia destaca llamada links, ahí también podrás inscribirte!

Estén atentos a nuestra speaker 🤭🔥

@girlupchile @girlsinquantum

Congrats to the winners of our trivia!

We hope you enjoyed and if so, keep in touch for more difficult ones. 🫢🔥

#girlsinquantum #future #quantumcomputing

🔍 Sanskriti Oza
Quantum Algorithms and Error Correction
Sanskriti Oza graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technologies from Savitribai Phule Pune University. She has actively contributed to various educational programmes, including the Summer Vacation Research Scholarship Program, where she conducted systematic literature reviews using PRISMA, and the CodeKaroYaaro International Kids Coding School Internship, where she taught Python programming to young learners. Currently, she is driven by her passion for continuous learning and sharing knowledge, particularly in the realm of quantum algorithms and error correction.

🖥️ Jannes Stubbemann
Practical Applications of Quantum Computing
Jannes Stubbemann is a Computer Scientist with a profound expertise in quantum computing. He spent two years at the Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory at the Technical University of Munich, leading PushQuantum while pursuing his Master of Science Degree at Paderborn University. His Master’s Thesis, distinguished with distinction, explored the Classical Simulation of Quantum Circuits with Restricted Boltzmann Machines. Presently, he is dedicated to exploring practical quantum applications and fostering the growth of a global quantum community.

We are thrilled to introduce more of our quantum-tastic mentors for the upcoming Quantum Research for Girls programme.

🔬 Mohammed Alabdullah
Quantum Science
Mohammed Alabdullah is a Physics Master student in Quantum Science and Technology at the joint programme of the Technical University of Munich and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Alabdullah has a diverse background, having worked at AIESEC Indonesia as a teaching assistant and a member of PushQuantum. Additionally, he conducted research at KAUST, delving into quantum communication, free space optics, scanning tunneling microscopy, and quantum circuit design. Currently, he is deeply engrossed in condensed matter physics, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics, with a keen focus on advancing the field of quantum science.

🌟 Happy World Quantum Day! 🌟

Today, as we celebrate the groundbreaking achievements in quantum science and technology, let`s also remember the importance of nurturing curiosity and fostering diversity in this field.

As part of our commitment to empowering young women in STEM, we`re thrilled about our upcoming Introduction to Quantum Research for Girls programme. This initiative provides aspiring female scientists with invaluable opportunities to explore the world of quantum research.

To spread the excitement of quantum innovation, let`s reignite our enthusiasm and share our insights! Here`s a question to get you thinking: Is Quantum Physics and hence nature probabilistic or deterministic at the fundamental level?

Join the conversation by reposting or commenting your thoughts and reflections using our hashtag #QuantumResearchForGirls. Together, let`s continue inspiring the next generation of quantum leaders! 💫
#QuantumResearchForGirls #WorldQuantumDay #PhysicsBeyond #GirlsinQuantum #QuantumTechnology #WomenInSTEM #STEMeducation

Say hello to Vanessa Dehn, another brilliant mentor for IQRG! 🌟 Vanessa, a PhD student at Fraunhofer IAF, University of Freiburg, is on a mission to unlock the mysteries of Quantum Information. With a Master`s in theoretical physics from the Technical University of Berlin, her research revolves around developing quantum algorithms using IBM Quantum System One. Vanessa`s publications on topics like quantum-classical optimisation and quantum-based feature selection in machine learning showcase her innovative approach to quantum computing! 💡#quantumresearchforgirls #physicsbeyond #girlsinquantum #quantuminformation #phdresearch #fraunhoferiaf ...

Introducing Kathrin Koenig, another of our wonderful mentors!🌟 Kathrin is a PhD student at Fraunhofer IAF, University of Freiburg, specialising in Quantum Error Mitigation. Having completed her Master`s in Microsystems Engineering at the University of Freiburg, she`s been a Qiskit Advocate for over two years. Kathrin is currently diving deep into research on Zero-Noise-Extrapolation for error characterisation in superconducting devices. Her publications on quantum gate error mitigation and optimising quantum algorithms reflect her expertise and dedication in this field! 🔬 #quantumresearchforgirls #physicsbeyond #girlsinquantum #quantumcomputing #errormitigation #fraunhoferiaf ...

Meet more of our mentors, Manuel Rudolph! 🌟 Manuel is a PhD Physics candidate at EPFL, mentored by Prof. Zoë Holmes. With a Master’s Degree from Heidelberg University and a Doctor of Science from EPFL, Manuel brings over four years of experience in quantum physics. He`s worked with prestigious organisations like Los Alamos National Laboratory and Zapata Computing Inc. as a Quantum Research Fellow. Currently, he`s delving into quantum algorithms for near-to-mid-term quantum devices and pioneering high-performance numerical methods for simulating quantum systems and machine learning. #quantumresearchforgirls #physicsbeyond #girlsinquantum #quantumphysics #machinelearning #epfl ...

👨‍🏫 Dr. Filip Bar

Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Founder and CEO of PhysicsBeyond, Dr. Bar received his PhD from Cambridge. He is a qualified teacher of maths and physics with over six years of teaching experience at a renowned UK secondary school, and is currently affiliated with Lund University, conducting research in Synthetic Differential Geometry, Infinitesimal Algebra, and its applications to Classical Field Theory. As an educator he is specialised in Gifted and Talented education in STEM.

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more introductions to our mentor line-up.

Don`t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Apply now to be a part of our programme and learn from these experts. The deadline for applications is April 22nd. #quantumresearch #mentors #opportunity #applynow #introductiontoquantumresearchforgirls

👨‍🏫 Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hellstern

Quantum Optimisation, Quantum Machine Learning

Professor and Doctor affiliated with DHBW Stuttgart - Dr. Hellstern`s interests lie in quantum optimisation and quantum machine learning, particularly in applications in risk measurement and management, and the power of rising digital currencies.

🌟 Meet the Mentors for Introduction to Quantum Research for Girls!🌟

👋 Curious about our programme?
Embark on a journey into Quantum Research with our esteemed mentors!

We`re excited to introduce our first set of mentors for the Introduction to Quantum Research for Girls programme!

👨‍🏫 Prof. Dr. Satyadhyan Chickerur

Quantum Machine Learning, Convergence of HPC and AI

Professor and researcher at KLE Technological University and Head of Centre for High-Performance Computing. Dr. Chickerur is an NVIDIA DLI Instructor and Ambassador, and an executive committee member of IEEE Signal Processing Society of the Bangalore Chapter.

Are you a girl in high school or a first-year undergraduate interested in quantum research? We`re thrilled to present "Introduction to Quantum Research for Girls," a meticulously crafted programme by PhysicsBeyond in collaboration with Girls in Quantum. 💫 Immerse yourself in an unparalleled educational journey designed to ensure true learning and skill development. Running from 29th April to 28th June, this programme offers dynamic workshops, hands-on activities, and mentorship by industry experts. Don`t miss out! Apply now! Application deadline: 22nd April. To apply follow the link in our story! #QuantumResearch #GirlsInSTEM #ApplyNow 🌟📖📑 ...

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